Alexander skarsgard gossip dating Camzp

Also, it’s the most I’ve been attracted to Alexander in a long, long time.

If my love for Alec Baldwin isn't proof enough, here is some evidence that Alec didn't insult an African American reporter and then choose to call her a "coon." This excerpt and the fact that he is a celebrity and he would know better than to be publicly tossing around racial slurs.

In fact, Gossip Cop even joked back then that we expected more false romance reports to occur involving the ridiculously attractive co-stars.

I was originally intending to lump this post in with the previous one on FKA twigs and Robert Pattinson and call it a Vampire Love Update. Is it still lame to tell you what I decided not to do because it was lame?

Though the two were seen getting close on the streets outside the bar and embracing, their relationship is strictly platonic.

Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this latest claim.However, if he truly did leave Gwyneth for Alexa – and now she’s all loved up with Alexander Skarsgard (or as some would say, the superior much better looking version of Chris Martin) – then where does that leave him? To be fair, we don’t know that Chris Martin is actually single.Last we heard, he was dating actress Annabelle Wallis, and the two were getting papped all over the place.However, putting aside the fact that Alexa and Alexander have now been dating since 2015 (or have broken up and gotten back together), there is still the question of Chris Martin’s reaction to all this.Chris doesn’t seem all that happy with Gwyneth Paltrow flaunting her new (and steady) romance with Brad Falchuk all over social media, but she’s the mother of his children – he has to be fine with it (even if he’s not).