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Know them here as we provide the names and brief description of distinguished grandfather clock makers.The rarity and the charm of antique timepieces such as the grandfather clock is something that attracts people to acquire them.

A city that was once a bastion of indecency has cleaned up its act in only three decades.

The company is based in Bristol, CT and Brooklyn, NY which declined after World War I loosing much of their business to lower-cost clock makers.

– operated from 1886 until 1871 because it was destroyed by the fire.

S Higgens & Company of New York to form the Hartford Carpet Corporation. 1902-1905 the company built a large mill building for the production of Axminster, a type of tufted-pile carpet.

Located at the southern end of the factory complex, the Axminster Building is a four-story structure with a strong structural system to contain the many massive broadlooms required for production of Axminster.