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Sub Pop have re-released feedtime as of March 2012.

In 2007 Bang Records also reissued complete recordings of The Butcher Shop.

The station was restricted largely to the greater Sydney region, and its local reception was hampered by inadequate transmitter facilities.

However, its frequency was a clear channel nationally, so it was easily heard at night throughout south-eastern Australia.

The first on-air presenter, DJ Holger Brockmann, notably used his own name (a deliberate reference to his former work for top-rated Sydney pop station 2SM).

Owing to 2SM's restrictive policies at the time, Brockmann, whose real name was considered "too foreign-sounding", had been forced to work using the pseudonym "Bill Drake" in prior positions.

The choice of a Skyhooks song to introduce the station was significant, as it represented several important features of the Double Jay brand at the time.

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