Australia accents dating

For example my friend AA* who has dated men from all over the world and now focuses on finding a Mr. So far she is quite persistent and consistent, although not always successful.

She despises Australian after a bad break-up with her last proper boyfriend and swears off Ozzy dudes forever.

Darcy with his sexy accents and Hugh Grant with his killer smile, there are other qualities in British men that, probably after spending a couple months with him, would not be amusing anymore.: politeness, failure to speak out, and not demonstrating their feelings.

Reluctance to display emotion in the face of extreme misfortune or extreme good fortune is the first key element of British cool (or coldness).

So, ladies if you’re reading this - start to appreciate your Tekong bound boy more, and for the guys - not all hope is lost in the dating game; use this guide as your selling points. Not that looks are everything of course, I love my man every number of the weighing scale but the defined abs and shoulders, (and omg the arms and thighs) really is the icing on the cake on top of his wonderful sense of humour.

You might not get to spend hours upon hours on the phone together or even in the flesh but a silver lining about is you’ll never run out of conversation topics with one another.

She doesn’t like American because they’re too forward.

British men, she says, are gentle and caring and honest.

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