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We now operate around the world and are exceptionally successful at making lasting introductions because we are just like our clientele – the very best at what we do. We get to know all of our members personally, understanding their busy lives and complex requirements. By getting to know you as an individual, not just a ‘client’, we feel confident that we can help you find someone who is your ideal soul mate.You have achieved success because you have made the right decisions.An estimated one in five Americans has used an online dating service such as e Harmony or, and a growing number of urbanites are finding romance via Facebook and other social networking sites.From flirting to breaking up, social media and mobile phones are woven into teens’ romantic lives.

More than 80 percent of the whites contacted whites and fewer than 5 percent of them contacted blacks, a disparity that held for young as well as for older participants. Fiore, a 2010 graduate of the School of Information who is currently a visiting assistant professor at Michigan State University; and Coye Cheshire, an assistant professor in the School of Information.

As past research in the psychology of attraction would suggest, the attractiveness and other qualities of the photograph were the strongest predictors of whole profile attractiveness, but they were not alone: the free-text component also played an important role in predicting overall attractiveness.

Participants rated whole profiles and profile components on such qualities as how attractive, extraverted, and genuine and trustworthy they appeared.

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