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, the duo – who both have successful solo careers in addition to their place as one of the LGBT community’s most beloved musical acts – went back to the studio with an eye on making an impact the way 1992’s did.With some of the duo’s biggest hits — “Galileo,” “Ghost,” “Power of Two” and “Least Complicated,” among others – coming from those albums, Ray and Sailers asked Collins to steer them in that direction.

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Isakov defaults to intimacy organically, copping gently to social insecurities, relationship anxiety and self-doubts, and breaking the barrier between “the truth and what we show as the truth,” as he puts it. S., headlining smaller venues and opening for other acts in larger ones.

It's a very candid album -- probably your most candid. I learned a lot about who I was in the past and who I want to be in the future, which was something that I've been trying not to do.

What did you learn about yourself while you were writing it? For years now, I've been trying to live in the moment, and I had to leave that moment to make this record.

More naturally, he might keep these things to himself. Three albums into his career, Isakov, 34, is learning to live with who he is and enjoying solid success. He is getting famous; his living-room stories are interrupted twice by texts from hit-making singer Brandi Carlile.

But the songwriter in him compels both introspection and, through his music, public disclosure. In Denver, he is a hometown hero, with a growing hold on fans and the kind of clout that lands interesting gigs, like his performance tonight with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.