C designer file not updating

The programs in the following section demonstrates deletion of contents of the file.It deletes a targeted line from a text file, it replaces a specified line in a text file and calculates the number of lines in a text file.This section covers C programming examples on File Handling.Every example program includes the description of the program, C code as well as output of the program.Add a dropdown below to populate a column from a table as shown below.6. Now build the solution and enter the server name and database. Change database name and click connect again and verify that the new database is connected.Conclusion By using the above code, a user can switch over to any server and database at runtime instead of editing app.config file each time for adding a new connection string.I managed to get edit it regenerated, but it's through obscurity... [email protected], if I had a penny for every weird "feature" like this, I would be richer than Bill Gates.

This will be helpful for users to use any server and database during run time without the need to create any connection string before execution. Open Visual Studio and create new a Windows application. Now add two text boxes, two labels and a button in the form as shown below.5. Sql Client;" in the namespace and write the following code in the buttonclick event.8.I'm using Visual Studio 2008 EDIT: Sorry I should have noted I've already tried: It's it ridiculous that in 2012 Visual Studio still doesn't have a context menu item to regenerate designer files from source files?It's akin to not being able to rebuild a corrupt DLL. Especially with external source control and external editors you leave Visual Studio crippled. I'm actually trying to regenerate resource file designers.Sometimes when I'm editing page or control the .designer files stop being updated with the new controls I'm putting on the page.I'm not sure what's causing this to happen, but I'm wondering if there's any way of forcing Visual Studio to regenerate the .designer file.