Chat with a hot teacher

High school teacher and womens' basketball coach Patrick Foley Wilson's online conversation started innocently enough."Tell me a funny or embarrassing story haha" he asked the girl, "jess13syd", he'd just met on a chat site. "But it didn't take long for "beachlover M" to direct his chat with the 13-year-old to a much darker place."Ever go without wearing undies?

" the Canberra Boys Grammar School teacher continued.

At a school board meeting Tuesday evening, Hiedi Glick, an instructor at Alonso High School told district leaders last Friday she felt like she was having a heart attack and was sweating.

She blamed in part a classroom says is just too hot.

Now, she’s stuck there solving murders without the help of forensic equipment and techniques readily available to her in the 21st century…or any hope of getting home.

I think Mc Elwain’s writing is a great blend of period-accurate details and modern, funny asides, and the story only further serves to suck me in.

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Perhaps it’s this week, maybe it’s next, but either way, it’s nearly time to treat yo’self with what all teachers love to do in the summertime: Take 84 naps, and then start binge reading.

Crushes happen and they can happen on anyone, from someone your age to your cute doctor to your fave celebrity.

Having a crush is no big deal and you shouldn't feel super embarrassed about it.

Please forgive me for what I’m about to do to your Amazon carts while I gush over the titles that’ve kept me up until the wee hours, and their friends on my TBR list: Now that it’s here, I’ve already devoured half of its 600-page bulk, most of that on my wedding anniversary, no less.

Kendra Donovan is a modern day FBI agent, a genetically-engineered genius who’s an outcast even amongst her fellow elite criminal profilers…or so she thinks, until she’s transported through time to the 1800s and feels like an outcast.