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VOLUME I INDEX Keynote Presenters Page Sustainable Development: The 1 Technological Challenge; Noel J. Zeng, Glarkson University, Potsdam, New York, USA A6 Evaluating the Comprehensive 80 Model ADOM; C. Although there appears to be an emerging scientific consensu* that an enhanced greenhouse effect is real, many uncertainties remain with regard to the magnitude, timing and regional effects, Canadians a* yet do not fully understand the Implications of this issue on public policy development nor the economic consequences of potential policy measures to address it.

Brown, Director, United Nations Environment Programme Responses to Global Climate 2 Change: The Coming Environmental and Economic Revolutions; Jim Bruce, Chair, Canadian Climate Program Board Feature Presenters Air Quality Research A1 What's the Latest on Acidic 5 Deposition in North America? Sisterson, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois, USA A10 Measurement of Semi-Volatile 7 Organic Compounds in Ambient Air; G. The energy industry is vitally concerned about promoting sound public policy In this area, and Imperial Oil has been active in providing * pe-trpective on th* issue In th* cant*** m§- domestic and international energy use. Racette (Ontario Ministry ot the Environment) Background The Phytotoxicology Section of the Air Resources Branch, Ontario Ministry of (he Environment (MOE), in concert with the associates from the Northeast and Northwest Regions, recognized in 1 971 a need to establish contaminant concentration guidelines for interpretation of environmental data.

THE MICROFORM EDITION IS REPRO- DUCED BY AGREEMENT WITH THE PUBLISHER. MICHIGAN (/ UMI THE PAPER AND INK USED IN THE ORIGINAL PUBLICATION MAY AFFECT THE QUALITY OF THE MICRO EDITION. 003-004-00660-9 COPIES OF PATENTS are furnished by the Patent and Trademark Office at .00 each; PIANT PATENTS m color. Address orders to the Commissio Dcr of Patents and Trademarks, Washington, DC, 20231. on July 7, 1987 and at 1091 OG 2, on June 7, 1988 There is no longer a limit on the number of such international applications accepted for international preliminary examination by the European Patent Office; see the notice appearing at 1116 OG 32, on July 17, 1990 The search fee of the European Patent Office was changed, effective May I, 1993,duetochangesin the exchange rate of the US dollar to the German mark, and was announced in the Officuj I Gazette at 1 148 O G. 24, 1993, n 521 131, USE OF 1,1, 1.4,4,4- HEXAEFLUOROBU- TANE AS A BLXIWING AND INSULATING GAS FOR THE PRODUCTION OF FOAM PLAS'HCS, Wilhelra Lamberts, et al , Owner of Record: Bayer Aktiengesellshcaft, Leverkusen, Germany. Pitts- burgh, Pa, Ex Gp 1503, Requester Owner Notice of Expiration of Trademark Registrations Due to Failare to Renew 1 5 U S C" 1059 provides that each trademark registration may be renewed for peruxls of ten years from the end of the expiring peruxl upon payment of the prescribed fee and the filing of an acceptable application for renewal TTiis may be done at any time w ithin SIX months before the expiration of the period for which the registration was issued or renewed, or it may be done within three months after such expiration on payment of an additional fee According to Ihe records of the Office, the trademark reg Lstra- tions listed below are expired due to failure to renew in accor- dance with 15 L' SC 1059 TRADEMARK REGISTRATIONS WHICH F. POTS AND FLOWER POTS MADE OF FOR BEER MUGS EARTHENWARF MIGS GLASS TERRACOTTA.

DUPLICATION OR RESALE WITHOUT PERMISSION IS PROHIBITED. Printing authorized by Section 1 l(a)3 of Title 35, U. 20, on Mar 9, 1993 International fees were changed, effective on May 1, 1993, due to changes in the exchange rate of the US dollar with regard to the Swiss franc, and were announced m the Official Gazette at 1 148 OG 20, on Mar 9, 1993 Certain domestic PCT fees and charges for International Search and Preliminary Examination were changed, effective Oct. Attoraev or A^enl Joseph H Bom, Cesari A Mckenna, Boston, Mavs , Ex dp 1306, Re- quester Owner 4. Rcexam No 9()/(H)3,01 2, Requested Apr 5,1993, CI (r29 558. XEJ RED APRIL 12, 1993 DUE TC^FAILURE TO RENEW Reg Number Senal Number Reg Date 38.571 70/038.571 7/08/1902 87,356 71/062.305 7'09/1912 87,364 71 '061.203 7/09/1912 87..169 71 057,302 7/09/1912 295.439 71 321,099 7/05/1932 295.452 71 323,125 • 7 '05/ 1932 295,461 71 323".858 7'05/1932 295.487 71/324.433 7/05/1932 295.496 71 324.518 7/05/1932 295.508 71 324,643 7-05/1932 295,523 71/324,772 7/05/1932 295,527 71 324,806 7/05/1932 295,530 71 324,836 7'05/1932 295,541 71/324,94" 7/05/1932 295.563 71 315,493 7/05/1932 295,6 J V -3 -T \ SPECIAL BOXES FOR MAIL Special PTO mail department numbers should be used to allow forwarding of particular types of mail to the appropriate areas as quickly as possible.

national application filed 410.00 — Supplemental search fee, per additional invention 170.00 European Patent Office as ISA 1512.00 Preliminary examination fee USPTO as International Pre Lminary Examining Authonty (IPEA) —Search fee paid to USPTO as ISA 450 00 — Additional examination fee, per additional invention 140 (X) —ISA not the USPTO 670 00 — Additional examination fee, per additional invention 230.(X) International fees Basic fee .', 530 00 Basic Supplemental fee (for each page over 30) 10.00 Designation fee per country or region for the first 10 national or regional offices ,. If any documents other than the specified type Identified for each department are addressed to that department, they w Ul be significantly delayed in reaching the appropriate were for which they are intended. IN F1IFD6:' 1992 FOR DISHWARF IN THE NATURE OF INSULATED CONTAINERS FOR F(K)D OR BEVERACi ES (US CL 2) FIRST I'SF 9 K 1992 IN COMMERCE 9 « 1992 QUICK FINISH FOR NYLON BRISTLE AND FOAM RUBBER APPLICA TORS FOR APPLYING WAXES. IL FILED 10-2M992 ACCU-COVER FOR LAWN AND GARDEN SPRINKLER NOZZLES (U S CL 13) SN M ^25.395 DEROMA SPA.

128.00 Designation fee for 1 Ith and subsequent designations No Charge Handling fee }.. a rr v The following special departments should be used only for their specified purpose. Orders for certified copies of PTO documents except: trademark registrations and assignments Electronic Ordering Service (EOS). Mail for the Employee and Labor Relations Division. Mail for the Advisory Commission on Patent Law Reform. WAXSTRIPPERS, AND EPOXY FLOOR COATINGS FOR COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL USE (U S CL 29) SN 74 322.303 SPECTRUM INTERNATIONAL, INC. NJ FILED 10 13 1992 STORE N SLIDE FOR PLASTIC CRATE FOR STORING A VARIETY OF ITEMS FOR HOUSEHOLD USAGE (U S CL 2) SN 74 323.

162.00 \ U S National Stage fees USPTO was IPEA IISPTO was ISA but not ^ IPh A I1S0*I-M()G .^6 Small Entity Regular 320.00 64000 355.00 710.00 USPTO was neither ISA nor IPEA 475.00 950.00 Filing with an EPO or JPO search report 415.00 830.00 USPTO was IPEA and all claims presented satisfied provisions of PCT Article 33(2)10(4) 45.00 90.00 — For each independent claim in excess of 3 37.00 74.00 — For each claim in excess of 20 11.00 22.00 —For each application con- taining a multiple depen- dent claim 115.00 230.00 — Surcharge for filing oath or declaration after the time limit applicable under PCT Article 22 or 39(1) 65.00 130.00 — Processing fee for filing English translation after the time limit applicable under PCT Article 22 or 39(1) 130.00 130.00 Mar 17, 1993 MICHAEL K. Address mail as follows: Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks Box Washington, DC. Deposit Account Replenishment Checks Invoices directed to the Office of Finance. Petitions under 37 CFR 1.313(b) to withdraw a patent application from issue after payment of the issue fee and any papers associated with the petition, including papers necessary for filing a continuing application. VA FILED ^ 12 1992 SEEFULL FOR FT'NNEI S i C S Cl Ml SN -^4 2H7.

LAST DECEMBER, one of your sister publications, Macworld, listed the year’s best games for the Mac.

And that’s not to mention the IBM programs 1 can run concurrently via the Bridgeboard. By Amiga standards, it would he a good public-domain or shareware offering, but lags far behind even average Amiga en ter tain men t st)ft ware.

James David Walley Bit Player Software Everett, WA BASIC Flag-waving WHY DOESN’T Commodore pay sufficient attention to BASIC?

I also had to take a break from programming with Benchmark Modula-2, keeping track of my potential clients with Superbase Professional (so far I have been too busy to customize data entry with Superbase's programming language), and handling my accounting with Maxi Plan Plus (including generation of pie, line, and 3-D bar graphs of relevant data).

Needless to say, with the Amiga’s multitasking, I can run all these programs simultaneously; if I add more memory to my system, I could also generate ray- traced images with Sculpt-31) in the background. S.: By the way, I had an opportunity to play Crystal Quest at a local store.