Copy pasted dating

Part of what I copy and paste is the "Start Publishing Date" and the "Created Date" fields so I can keep the original article dates as some of these articles were first published in 2009 and before.

When I copied from the old site then pasted these dates in J3.6 version, it worked just fine when saving the article but with the new J3.7 version when I paste the date and time and I save the article the "Start Publishing Date" and "Created Date" reverts to today's date.

When copied in Calendar view and pasted to another date, the due date for this assignment will automatically be re-scheduled for that particular date.

In Assignments view there is an option to batch copy/paste assignments.

Note: I have tried copying just the date without mins/sec with no success and Publishing Options are Enabled.I have two issues with this: Sub Find Today() Dim Found Date As Range Set Found Date = Worksheets("Daily"). Find(Date Value(Now), Look In:=xl Values, lookat:=xl Whole) If Not Found Date Is Nothing Then ' if we don't find the date, simply skip. Paste Special xl Paste Values, xl Paste Special Operation None, False, False ' You can see that the first argument in Paste Special is set to only paste values.I've found a strange situation where the directory field "Date Created" does not change after a copy/paste using Windows Explorer.Here's the scenario: 1) Image files are written to a folder on the hard drive from an SD card.