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Margaret Morrison Mc Corkle after marriage in Rowan County, NC, to wife) removed to Rutherford County, Tennessee, where they lived at Bradley's Creek and Stone's River--and, it is thought, where some of Margaret's Morrison family members also lived at least temporarily, including her sisters Miss Rebecca Morrison and Mrs. John Edwin Mc Corkle: Tennie Scott) and William Scott's brother JOHN DICKEY / DICKIE SCOTT who m. Drucy's mother Dona HEADDEN Garner and my mother Joyce Cope Huie's mother, Notie HEADDEN Cope, were first cousins.

Mary Morrison Morrison (who married her own Morrison 1st cousin); then finally Margaret Morrison Mc Corkle and her blind husband Robert Mc Corkle removed, with their living, grown children, to Dyer County, Tennessee, near the Gibson County Line and Yorkville The above hyperlink attempts to explain who Alexander Mc Corkle & wife "Nancy" Agnes Montgomery (Mc Corkle) were: Scots-Irish immigrants from Northern Ireland to, first, Pennsylvania, down the Great Wagon Road to Virginia, then to the Piedmont of North Carolina (Rowan County, a part of which was carved off in 1788 as Iredell County). What happened to descendants of Robert Anderson of Holmes County, Mississippi (Mizpah Cemetery)? a Williams woman--each removed from Gibson-Dyer County, Tennessee, where their parents had finally settled down to Hardeman County, Tennessee. Dona was born to Uncle Dave a k a David Crockett Headen and Notie was born to Winfield Scott Headden.

The neck has been reduced/re-shaped from the typically over sized eastern european scroll that it was making for a much nicer instrument to play and the scoop along the fingerboard length is relatively flat making the compound radius fingerboard perhaps more suited to Jazz or soloist work. The instrument has been repaired and restored over the years. Nicknamed 'Jazzy George' by Previous owner Certification: Makers Label inside instrument Kappelmeyer, Germany, 2012Kappelmeyer copy of Sebastian Sallinger ( Happy to ship anywhere in the world at cost,and will be well packaged. Has been a solid second/touring instrument for past 5 or 6 years.

Re-varnished to a pastiche finish, Despaiu adjustable bridge. Mittenwald 1890s large bodied 3/4Lovely German large bodied 3/4 instrument,probably originating from the mittenwald. Comes with a Realist double bass pick up attached under the bridge. Certification: Not available Double bass collection I am offering 15 per cent off all my double basses. English, German, Czech, Hungarian, Italian, All unique handcarved instruments from mid 19th century to recent. Certification: Some instruments are labelled,photos and details on request. Paul Bryant, Hastings 2001, No.34Modern English bass by Paul Bryant.

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Below: Perhaps my favorite 1960’s guitars, the Domino’s.

This chapter explains as much as the author knows about the antecedents of Alexander and Agnes Montgomery Mc Corkle; then proceeds to examine genealogy of their children. (defunct) pond toward the highway (the Newbern-Yorkville Highway, Highway 77), loosely in front of the little house (originally built in 1952 for my maiden aunt, Sarah Elisabeth BETH Huie. at Montgomery Bell State Park --John Edwin Mc Corkle Reunion.

The writer's (Marsha Cope Huie 's) direct ancestor happens to be their son ROBERT Mc Corkle (born mid-1760s and died in the spring of 1828); but all of Robert's siblings are listed and, it is hoped, their children as well. My daddy always told me the victim of gun violence buried in the pond was a Yankee renegade scaveging along the road. & he was a contemporary of my great-uncle Errett Cotton Mc Corkle, 1887-1976, and I know they used to meet and visit when each was working in Chicago; they were first cousins-once-removed, as IV. Their two daughters: Kathryn Huie, Vanderbilt graduate biologist, US Forest Service; Heather Huie Hatley, SMU grad living in Wisconsin; and son Jay Huie, Case Western Reserve U engineering graduate.

(1704-1771) & wife Margaret (maiden name unknown), who were the paternal grandparents of Margaret Morrison Mc Corkle alias Mrs. We should all read Leonardo da Vinci on physicians; basically, he cautioned , who removed a bit north to Obion County in the environs of Mt. If you find the old cemetery you will see his marker at Mt. His first wife was Margaret SCOTT, who died in 1862. David Purviance Mc Corkle then married ELIZABETH JACKSON. David Purviance Mc Corkle) was a sister to the first wife of Finis Alexander Mc Corkle (Sarah Josephine Jackson), but may be wrong about this. So, back to the Scott family of James Scott, 1777-1853, & his first wife Sarah DICKEY (Scott), 1777-1838.--of York District, South Carolina. First grave there: , alias John Ewing Mc Corkle, died 27 February 1900 at age 16. Photo found in effects of Ewing's younger brother Errett Cotton Mc Corkle upon Errett's death., pictured above in 1945 (WWII uniform)(in aviation) I found a 1918 ad in the New York Times saying to BUYERS that Renard Linoleum & Carpet Co. Louis, Chicago) would be in New York City on a certain date.

Robert Mc Corkle, 1770-1848, buried Mc Corkle Cemetery east of Newbern, Dyer County, Tennessee; of Rowan County, NC. Margaret Scott Mc Corkle was a sister to, inter alia, my Scott-Huie great-grandmother Mrs. -- James & Sarah Dickey Scott had one child who was " I've not been able to discover Violet's RODDY family, although I have gleaned a clue: somewhere, after futile research I read that Violet B. Son of John Edwin Mc Corkle & Mary Elizabeth Cotton Mc Corkle, Ewing was born 14 November 1884 and died 17 Feb. Uncle Errett Cotton Mc Corkle was personnel manager for Renard Co.

Dating a gibson bass