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Several actually referred to an "unannounced project" that's set in the "Diablo universe", but of course didn't go into any more details.

And we haven't got the CV to apply and check it out.

But then people started putting some dots together, because the normal dice would read 1/1/1 or 2/2/2 or 3/3/3 depending on which side it landed on. People took that to be the American style date for November 4, which was exactly the same date as Blizzcon 2016 and they believed that would indicate a is a bit of an enigma at present actually, shrouding itself in mystery and intrigue as all the best unannounced things do.

At the moment, the best information we have to go on is related to a few job postings that appeared on the Blizzard website.

The plot of the film was very thin and the twist at then simply made the whole thing even worse than it was.

The only word I can use to describe the plot/twist is Nonsensical.

Although I watched the whole film, I sat struggling not to turn it off telling myself it would improve, it did not.

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Each season carries unique experiences with highly sought after treasure and loot, so players need to know how long they have left to get one season's rewards and when they can start getting the next season's rewards. In a post on the official Diablo website, Blizzard confirmed the end date for season 9 and the start date for season 10. You'll get to start anew to get all of the unique rewards season 10 has to offer.Additional content is provided through story elements explored in other media forms.To celebrate Diablo's 20th anniversary, the original game was going to be recreated in Diablo III in late 2016.The series is set in the fantasy world of Sanctuary.The three games in the series take place in similar geographic areas, with several common areas including the town of Tristram and the region around Mount Arreat.