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Roman was the detective assigned to Roimata Samuels' (Shavaughn Ruakere) assault case.

He later worked alongside Josh Gallagher (Chris Tempest) when drug dealers carried out a heist on the hospital.

Jasmine Cooper (Pearl Mc Glashan) was saved by Dayna at a dodgy gang party and the two soon became best friends.

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Dayna returned in December when her mother Jennifer was declared brain dead following a car crash.In early 2014 Ramon returned when he investigated the murder of Travis Corfrield (John Tui).To mark the show's 21st anniversary, 4 new young characters were introduced, with Dayna debuting alongside Harper Whitley (Ria Vandervis), Dallas Adams (Cameron Jones) and returning character, Henry Lee (Peter Huang).Three weeks after their first date, the couple marked Valentine's Day together with a pledge of what was to come. Denise had her hands full raising children, so she put off getting her college degree. There was way more love in their young household than money.Nate Lee: It was kind of awkward because, you know, we had we'd just met and Valentine's Day was already there. Nate Lee: We were going through what most people would say is some tough times.