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Instead of thinking about the absolut age, think about his/her age compared to yours. Anyone had a experience dating older women but nt old enough be a cougar? Well, If He Really Is Perfect To Youu Than It Shouldnt Matter, They Say. The spread matters less the older you get, as evidenced by the formula I've seen on XKCD and .In hindsight, I was just a little shallow I guess, although she dressed smartly, whereas I had long hair and my life revolved around raving - we did look a little odd I guess... I gave two 30yr olds a try before, but not at the same time. It's very easy to be with them as they make it very easy.The one drawback is that they seem to act their biological clock is speeding up so they want a lot out of a relationship really fast. they seemed to be very very giving in general and giving back love & sex is all you have to do. If your age is under the number produced, then it's creepy to date them. If you think it is better to tell him when im older, what age do you think would be okay? Keep this "Creepiness factor" equation in mind: Halve the age of the older person and add 7.

reasons to even consider dating a # guy a couple of years older than you 11 03 - It's not like a guy who's five years older than you is going to be taking you . People expect you girlfriend to be younger than you most of the time ...This year, my husband, who will move up into his forties, will officially be married to a girl still in her twenties. Actually, we’re just over ten years apart but it so happens that there are three little months between his fortieth birthday and my thirtieth.Considering the fact that he teases me mercilessly about my abundance of gray hair, I think it’s about time I get to talk up my great youth.EDIT: It wasn't odd per se - we had a great time together.I confess I was a little embarrassed at the time and tried to prevent us ever being see out in public. Very sexually active, this is probably due to a woman peaking her sexuality around this time.