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Pamplona, a small city in Spain's northern Basque region, holds its annual Running of the Bulls as part of a religious festival to honor St.Fermin, the patron saint of the city [source: James].Tapas are small dishes of snacks which are served anytime especially in small bars.They cover all types of foods from seafood to vegetables.The festival, made famous by Ernest Hemingway in his 1926 classic "The Sun Also Rises," draws thousands each July to Pamplona's narrow streets.The Running of the Bulls dates back to the 13th century, and has gone on continuously since 1592.Spanish traditions for carnival also include dressing up and wearing mask in Mexico City every year on December 12th.The date commemorates the appearance of the Virgin Mary to the Indian Juan Diego in 1531.

It will be found at its best in the region where it is grown, midway between area is famous for its sherry.When p In Spanish-speaking countries, Carnival celebrations are held between late January to early March, the time leading up to Lent.Carnival is generally recognized as the final chance to celebrate before Lent and there are festivities, including dancing and music, throughout the day and night.decorated in brightly-colored papier-mâché at childrens’ birthday parties.Blindfolded participants try to hit the piñata with a stick, to break it open and spill out fruits, candies, and other treats hidden inside.