Dating trends

A non-profit group that discusses being single and the option not to marry for both heterosexual and same-sex couples.Also houses numerous statistics on being single, open relationships and cohabitation before marriage.New services are constantly emerging, along with new technologies that keep the way we date in a constant state of evolution. Change is coming - both from companies and from consumers.Here are a few things the remainder of the year could have in store.Keep in mind these aren’t new ideas even though the names are new but it wasn’t so commonplace once upon a time .I really thought ghosting was bad enough when I wrote about dating trends not so long ago and just in case your not aware, ghosting takes place when you’re in a relationship and one person just exits.

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Other social media sites had already made attempts to tackle the problem.

AR / VR Augmented reality and virtual reality are huge right now.

It seems like everyone - from Apple to Alibaba to Pokemon - is getting in on the game, and online dating likely won’t be far behind.

Dating is hard enough without a list of rules to live by.

The world has progressed by studying history and learning from it, not repeating it.