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Because God don’t make no junk, and honey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Unlike most of my generation, I didn’t grow up with Robocop in my nostalgia filter.

So, ladies, gentlemen, friends all across the gender spectrum, are you ready to party like it’s your last night before being shipped to Bitch Planet? I only saw the original 1987 film for the first time last year, around the same time the remake was coming out, starring Samuel L. In the original Robocop film, there were two important female leads: Robocop’s partner (who was replaced by Michael K.

I can’t tell you how many girl crush #’s I’ve used to say that I love Kelly Sue De Connick. Let me add gratuitously to the pile of praise heaped on to Image Comic’s intersectional feminist baby: Bitch Planet!

I’ve read the first 3 issues and it’s a self-aware Quentin Terantino-style retro women-in-prison exploitation series but set in the near future… (Terantino XXX and Girls in Prison from our extensive Movie T-shirts library.) The things that make BP so good are twofold: 1) Its use of diverse female characters to tell actual women’s stories of alienation, personal discovery and fighting the Patriarchy are as relevant as they are fun (and violent! 2) After the first 2 issues setting up the setting and cast, each issue is using a special guest artist to highlight and tell a character’s personal story, interwoven into the larger narrative.

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I imagine if somebody falls through email without there being a personal meeting, then there should really be a huge red flag. You weren't born yesterday and you've surely owned a computer long before you joined POF. I was planning on going to Europe within the year, so thought wasn't out of the realm to meet up in some romantic country. She wanted me to go through Money Gram and send her money.

" I have learned to compromise a lot over the years but i do now realize (bit late maybe lol) that i have lost a lot of my own identity and am trying to get it back slowly slowly. I do love Pakistan, been there on holidays but also lived there for some years but came back due to the education and healthsystem being better here for the kids Sometimes kids (and me) really want to move back there though! I'm half Portuguese, half French, have lived around the world and settled in Britain 13 years ago.

wonder how u ppl feel xxx hi all.....m also married to a pakistani guy but in my case its the other way around...has lived most of hz life here while m totally pakistani...brought up there.....n ya its really frustrating some times cz its really hard to understand each other...we have to keep trying it is..of luck to all having problems..God help all.... sometimes i feel maybe marriage is a complicated thing anyways! Yes i can understand the cultural difference even if you are pakistani yourself but you're born here and ur dh has grown up in Pakistan, as my friend is in the same position and they are bickering always like crazy because the way of thinking is so different! I'm married to a Pakistani and have been for the past 6 years (we've been together for 7 1/2 years) and my husband was brought up in Pakistan, moved to Britain about 10 years ago.

Anyone with half a brain cell knows almost everything coming out of that country is a SCAM. Anyway, I didn't, and in fact called Money Gram to see if the name Anna Gavrilova had any fraud hits on it lately. Michael There is NO way that any SINGLE woman from the former USSR can obtain a visa to come to the USA.

The security guy said, yea, in fact just that morning that name came up for some guy from another state that she solicited. All you need to do it go to the department of state website and they will tell you this. E-mails they never really answered normal questions you asked of them.4.