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We’re not here to tell you the whats, wheres, and hows of Houston dating (because we already did that, here, here, here, and here -- pay attention! So next time, when the date-life struggle gets too real, here’s why you can know it’s not you, it’s Houston: College football rivalries are alive and killing it.

Because for better or for worse, dating in Houston is different than anywhere else.

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We actively help members to find compatible dating options that are based on individually tailored search criteria.

Our service is designed with long-term relationships in mind.

And by it, we mean your doomed relationship if you went to opposing schools.

Most people are here for work, so be prepared to get your heart broken when your new girlfriend takes a two-year expat assignment in Germany. Unless you’re dating one of the 22-year-olds teetering in stilettos at turtle races, your date is probably not dressing up. It was nice out when you left the house, but by the time you made it to your picnic in the park the sky looked like the coming of the Apocalypse.

The two players filed a complaint against Brown citing that they were kicked off the team because of their sexual orientation, which violates Title IX, which bans discrimination based on sex.

"The important thing to note is that the rule was not particular to women's basketball players only," said Garry Rosenfield, Brown's agent.