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Emilia Clarke -- who was nominated for an Emmy for playing exiled princess Daenerys Targaryen -- gave a sadistic little laugh when we saw her at LAX and asked how much blood would be shed in season 4 ... The deaths on the show have been epic so far -- lots of beheadings, a knife through the eye, being gored by a boar, one guy had boiling, molten gold poured on him ...

another was tied to a horse and was dragged by his weiner.

Think about a traditional "date." It's full of pressure, awkwardness, evaluation and it just plain sucks. Dinner, movie, kiss goodnight, and then she doesn't return your calls.

Dating tip #4: Avoid all canned pick up lines or any type of acting. As soon as you spout one, you're instantly what I call a JAG (just another guy). If you can't stand up to her, you can't stand up for her. It's also a perfect opportunity to be a naughty little boy as described in dating tip #3.The blood-soaked gorefest known as "Game of Thrones" is about to get even more gruesome of the stars of the HBO fantasy series tells us the next season is going be dripping in plasma.The singer had arrived with his lawyer Blair Berk to the criminal court house moments ago to be arraigned. If convicted, he faces up to four years in state prison.He is currently posting ,000 bond and is expected to turn himself in to authorities for booking within 24 hours. Due to insufficient evidence, prosecutors cleared Green of charges he also sexually assaulted the woman during the incident.