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This study confines the onset of high-pressure metamorphism in the Pelagonian Zone to an interval between 100 Ma and 85 Ma and has shown that high-pressure metamorphism had terminated by ca. The recognition of an early to middle Alpine cycle, lasting over 30 million years and involving crustal shortening, high-pressure metamorphism, exhumation and subsequent crustal shortening is a key contribution to a better understanding of the early Alpine tectonic history of the Aegean region and eastern Mediterranean.

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Formation of Alpine deformational structures in the Ossa Massif (northern Pelagonian Zone) occurred at metamorphic temperatures which failed to reset most pre-Alpine Ar cooling ages in muscovite porphyroclasts.

The low metamorphic temperatures at Alpine times have preserved the argon isotopic signature in white mica bearing deformational structures, which allows direct dating of these structures and refinement of the Alpine tectonic history in the region.