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For every item there has to be a node which has references to both the parent and child nodes, and these have to be maintained as changes are received.The big challenge is twofold: My first solution was to create a node which applied a filter to find its children and in turn each child also applied a filter to find its children.Sorry - my question is almost identical to this one but since it didn't receive a viable answer, I am hoping that someone else has some fresh ideas.I have a WPF Tree View that is bound to a hierarchy of a single type: Initially the Tree View binds as expected and correctly displays a multi-level hierarchy.The Header property is the text of the item that is displayed on the view.The following code snippet adds a parent item and six child items to a Tree View control.The Horizontal Alignment and Vertical Alignment properties are used to set horizontal and vertical alignments.

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To style a Tree View, we can use individual Tree View Items and set their properties. We can put any controls inside a Tree View Item such as an image and text.

I quickly identified the need for a new ‘convert a stream to a tree’ operator so I took the challenge to implement it.

However the more I looked into the problem the bigger the challenge become and I started to doubt whether I could pull it off.

The following code snippet sets the name, height and width of a Tree View control.

When a property is changed through my property grid, I want to make sure the tree is up to date.

Dynamically updating treeview node wpf