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(Fortune Magazine) -- One night this past April, Tom Anderson was surfing My Space.com, as he does for hours every night, when he spotted a link to something called k Solo on another member's profile page.On January 14, 2009, it was announced that Google would be open-sourcing the product Jaiku released their API, which allowed programmers to make their own third party software components such as Feedalizr.One of the main differences between Jaiku and its competitor Twitter was Lifestream, an internet feed that shares users online activities utilizing other programs such as flickr for photos, for music, and location by mobile phone.I sent him about ,000 then I realised it was a scam.When I said to him I knew it was a scam, he got angry and started to threaten me and my family, then he said he would send people to hurt me, the police told me to remove him, delete apps, change my bank account details and don't message him any longer.