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The traditional monastery complex consists of 1-2 churches and a residential building, whereas the Ivanovo cloister represents a network of small churches, chapels and monks cells hewn into the rocks.During the whole period of Second Bulgarian Kingdom, the monastery had developed strong relationships with the kings of Tarnovo.His tomb is situated on the third floor of the so-called The Baptism room. This body of research provides a material basis for bringing Moses back into history from realms of myth, legend, and biblical 'revisionings' over millennia.As a result, famous monastery-donors were the kings Ivan Assen II, Ivan Alexander and many other representatives of royal families whose portraits are still preserved nowadays.Even one of Bulgarian kings, George-Tervel (1280-1292) has decided to spend the end of his life in one of the monasterys cells where the death found him.The results are presented in five volumes - the first time that a work of such length and exactitude on Moses has been made.

The old church and the rest of the churches in the area form the Rock Monastery St. Therefore, the rock monastery is completely different from the other monasteries in Bulgaria.On the basis of research conducted over twenty-five years in tracking the historical Moses, Ove von Spaeth has been able to share his results which point to new and more concrete directions with regard, not only to Moses, but also to related historical areas and biblical data.Culling materials from fragmentary sources spread out in different places and expressed in different languages, he has brought them together in ways that enable a coherent synthesis and whole. Rati have contributed towards determinating a more accurate status, place or of existing and neglected material which could contribute significantly to filling out displaced parts of the history of Moses and his crucial contributions to the history of humankind.Use a Stanley knife to cute the shelf trim centrally along a straight line from the rear to the front of the car. Now it is easy to slide the mat back over the holes from time to time.SO much easier to fit or remove then and just pull out and push back under the panels.. The centre cut will gap about 30mm eventually so cover with e.g.