Humourous dating contract updating spybot

In an effort to get to know each other better, we will agree to abide by this dating contract.

Since handbooks or instructions for life were never provided when we were born, here to, there are no absolute rules.

With the growing awareness about what constitutes a sex-related crime, men in particular are looking for ways to protect themselves against any misconduct charges or unwanted pregnancy that may result from dating and sexual relations.

One of the most common misconceptions about a sex contract is that it will protect you against rape charges.

PRE RELATIONSHIP AGREEMENTS The party of the first part (herein referred to as "she"), being of sound mind and pretty good body, agrees to the following with the party of the second part (herein referred to as "him"): 1.By getting it all out on the table early on in your relationship, you’ll be able to avoid fights, frustrations, and unnecessary internalized resentments because of the honesty that you brought to the process of creating your relationship contract.I really can’t imagine anything more romantic than intentionally sitting down with the person you love and having an extended conversation about what it means to them to be loved.We all need to be interested insomething “away” from the relationship.It could be a hobby or a career goal or anything that will makeyou spend time apart.