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credit to Tiger for jumping instead of taking a leisurely stroll. not laughing, the world is incredibly sad at the way America is behaving.For America it’s the most shameful time that we have ever seen in my lifetime.Are you a math teacher because you got me harder than trigonometery Guy: Do you like math? I'm not being obtuse, you are being acute girl Why don't we use some Fourier analysis on our relationship and reduce to a series of simple periodic functions. "You must be the square root of -1 because you can't be real." The derivative of my love for you is 0, because my love for you is constant. Huygens' favorite curves were cycloids, but my favorite curves are yours."Hey, baby want to Squeeze my Theorem while I poly your nomial? How about you come to my place tonight, so I can show you the growth of my natural log How about I perform a sort on your variables, and you can analyse my performance? I'd like to instantiate your objects, and access their member variables If four plus four equals eight, ...me plus you equals fate. How can I know so many hundreds of digits of pi and not the digits of your phone number?

Many have questioned if the entire Portwood meeting was a publicity stunt, considering her volatile relationship with her boyfriend Matt.

I'm not looking for anything too serious or involved. I want to be able to go out with my girlfriends sometimes and just not be bothered with guys who don't get it.

I'm not even really in a rush to get at your body, not yet. I love getting to know people in that deeply erotic way. That doesn't mean I'm not up for a good time though!

So the next time you talk dirty to your man, make sure to speak slowly and clearly in a way that accentuates the meaning of the actual words.

The last thing you want to do is stutter the words or say them incredibly fast or in a weird tone.