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Moreover, if you realize that the other person in Bangalore cannot be your friend, depart with a sweet note instead of taking it too far.

I remember reading an article about Tinder where a guy wrote about an "experiment". That gave a hint why most Indian men don't get matches. Even I get a match either they won't reply or un-match me in 1 hrs. May be guys with six packs and macho photos gets attractions? WA Nanditha for appointment, she was quick to respond.

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Dhaka and Chittagong have mjority of girl which are involved in these kind of activities. These activities are giving benefit to the social media owners and websites.

And most of the girls are wasting time on it and have less concentration on their traditions and culture and even many desi girls of Bangladesh have attempted to suicide because of get raped by their male fellows.

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People want to contact unsatisfied girls through their It’s no surprise that the majority of Bengali girls are on Facebook, or that parents worry about what their girls are doing there, or even that some desi girls do things online that they shouldn’t.

Still, it’s interesting to see just how much social networking is a part of the modern teenage lifestyle, and how they and their parents feel about it.

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