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The duo attend one of the biggest pinball tournaments in the world every summer in Pittsburgh.Of approximately 38,000 people listed in the world pinball player ranking, only 2,000 are female, according to Fillmore-Handlon.

She was motivated by what she saw as a lack of women in the game.

The band is definately not "commercial music", and records/performs for the love of playing.

2nd Wind also features guest performances from some of Houstons finest jazz musicians including amazing jazz fusion guitarist Paul Chester, percussion monster Will Cruz, giant on the trumpet Dennis Dotson, trombonist extraordinaire Marty Lindsay, and prodigy/virtuoso keyboardist Jose-Miguel Yamal.

According to Charlotte Fillmore-Handlon, Concordia student and the league’s organizer, it is an opportunity for women to transition into the male-dominated arcade game community.

“I think, especially for women, it can be a bit intimidating to come into an environment that is hugely male dominated,” Fillmore-Handlon said.