Is country singer chris young dating anyone

PHOTO: Programmers liked it, Musgrave figures, precisely because “it’s not your typical radio per se song.” Not that that was one of their criteria before.But “the reaction at radio is really surprisingly all-positive,” she says.In 2011, she signed to Lost Highway Records, the boutique division of Universal Nashville created by industry veteran Luke Lewis as a home for left-of-center artists like Ryan Adams and Lucinda Williams.She was doing sit-down acoustic gigs where she would play songs like “John Prine,” which included lines like, “Grandma cried when I pierced my nose” and “I ain’t one to knock religion/Though it’s always knocking me” and “My idea of heaven is to burn one with John Prine.” No doubt about it: She was -country.There was no infidelity on either side and the two just 'grew apart,' according to TMZ.

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Instead of doing a little acoustic gig at SXSW, she spent Saturday night playing a Tampa stadium on the first night of a months-long tour that has her opening for Kenny Chesney in front of as many as 70,000 people a night, 69,000 of whom have probably never heard of John Prine, though they’d be open to burning one with him, whoever he is. But the bigger answer is that the transition to Universal’s mainstream Mercury label might have occurred naturally anyway after country radio got an early listen to Musgraves’ “Merry Go ‘Round” single.Released as the lead single from Young’s second album, ‘The Man I Want To Be,’ the song became his first No.1 hit, followed by the album’s title track and ‘Voices.’ Young’s third album, 2011’s ‘Neon,’ scored two more No.1 hits with ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘You,’ and his fourth album, ‘A.M.,’ signaled a slight shift in direction that resulted in three more hits: ‘Aw Naw,’ ‘Who I Am With You’ and ‘Lonely Eyes,’ further establishing Young as one of the hottest young stars in country music.