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This review by Rabbi Goldie Milgram was first published in the Philadelphia Jewish Voice Oy MG is a provocative, important read and discussion for contemporary Jewish parents and clergy - first.

Then give it to your teens and students to read and discuss with you.

I had a feeling there was something more on his mind.

I know he’s been thinking about this girl he likes, one of our mutual friends I’ll call “Megan,” but it took him a while to get around to talking about her. “She’s Catholic, and I just don’t know if I can deal with that.” I’ve always found it funny when Protestants don’t consider Catholics to be Christians.

by Amy Krakovitz (Charlotte, NC) Here’s my guilt and my joy: my husband isn’t Jewish.

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Anon You might want to check out the Jewish Community Center in San Francisco's Interfaith Connection Program (Full of helpful advice for families starting to think about their child's bat or bar mitzvah, Bar & Bat Mitzvah For The Interfaith Family will be a helpful primer to all families (not just interfaith! Go To Parenting This colorful booklet will give all the basics about this holiday which combines elements of Halloween, Mardi Gras and the secular new year.It is a holiday not only for children who know immediately that anything with a costume will be fun, but for adults too.catid=212) They have ongoing groups and workshops on this topic. His dad wasn't really into the spiritual part of Judaism.One workshop is titled '' Yours, Mine and Ours: Negotiating Interfaith/Intercultural Family Choices.'' Another is called '' Mixed Blessings: The Challenges of Raising Children in a Jewish-Christian Family'' -- and there are others. He went to Jewish school in his early year but was never fully confirmed and because his mother isn't Jewish, there are always those who will say ''he's not really Jewish.'' We got together right when I was re-exlporing my faith, Catholic.