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You're dealing with changes to your body, complex emotions, and new expectations in school and at home. We can't know what sort of pressures she's dealing with in school but, given the fact that she wanders around her house at 3 a.m., she's probably not getting enough sleep to do well in algebra. He sort of hangs off to the side a lot, watching other people do things.

So it's sad, really, that this movie takes all of our better instincts and punishes our poor protagonists for them.A poignant moment finds the "new" Rheya unable to see herself as anything more than the sum total of Kelvin’s perceptions of her (a reminder that how we value others can have a strong impact on their self-image and, in turn, the person they will become).spiritual content: We eavesdrop on a dinner-table debate over the existence of God, during which Kelvin argues, "The whole idea of God was dreamed up by man." He’s a nihilist who contends that the evolution of mankind was an inevitable probability.In 1999 the successful businessman accepted the challenge to coach at his alma matter.As a former two-time All-American player and holder of numerous Richmond records, Carter commanded respect.