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A stated obligation to help one's fellow human beings similarly increases the likelihood of success on Ok Cupid — by 72%. Substance, smarts — and more importantly, strength — have never been sexier."Other issues that lead women to meet their match online include supporting education, advocating for a free press, believing in the separation of church and state, taking an open-minded approach to sexuality, and harboring a disdain for typos.

Because women who self-identify as progressive on these issues and various others are killing it at the Ok Cupid game, Mashable reports."Want to find success on Ok Cupid? "Don't be a Republican." According to new data from the app, the most sought-after women on Ok Cupid are liberal, outspoken, sexual, and educated. The strongest marker of success on Ok Cupid ("success" is counted as deactivating your account because you met someone on the app) is displaying your support for same-sex marriage; women who do so are 85% more likely to find love on the app. "Caring about the equality of fellow human beings is the most distinguishing quality of women who’ve found their match on Ok Cupid," a spokesperson from the app stated in a blog post, "and we’re pretty damn proud of that.""It’s never been more important to be outspoken, open-minded and socially active," Ok Cupid continues. "As it turns out, embracing these qualities also helps your dating life, and ultimately your chances of finding someone special.

Early Islamic philosophy emphasized an inexorable link between science and religion, and the process of ijtihad to find truth—in effect all philosophy was "political" as it had real implications for governance.

This view was challenged by the "rationalist" Mutazilite philosophers, who held a more Hellenic view, reason above revelation, and as such are known to modern scholars as the first speculative theologians of Islam; they were supported by a secular aristocracy who sought freedom of action independent of the Caliphate.

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Nowadays more and more people of different ages, education and professional background tend to use online dating services in order to meet great people for chatting, friendship or even serious online platform created with a purpose of bringing together people with similar ideas and points of view.Find faithful friends or even the love of your lifetime within our Liberal community.There are many Muslims and Islamic movements in the Muslim world who advocate the reform of Islam.The terms Muslim world and Islamic world commonly refer to the Islamic community (Ummah), consisting of all those who adhere to the religion of Islam, The rise of Islam, based on both the Qur'an and Muhammad strongly altered the power balances and perceptions of origin of power in the Mediterranean region.