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Submitted by: Steven Durham Address: YO26 5EQ email: [email protected] Backhouse I was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, to Jeanette Larraine Backhouse. Lawrence worked for Attock Oil Company Limited, Morgah Refinery, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. George Backhouse was a war artist in First World War.Submitted by: Ann Brown Backhouse Address: 35 Withewood Mansions, Shirley, Southampton email: [email protected] father was Paul Durham. He was married to Eliza (née West) and lived in Thorganby, East Yorkshire working as an agricultural labourer. Submitted by: Mrs Alison Mc Connell email: [email protected] am trying to find any information about Benjamin Backhouse, watch and clock maker in Tadcaster and Masham in early 1800s.Do any of his clocks or watches survive with his name on..?

(Jupiter, 2008)'s Cohen figures that out of 25 million single Americans aged 25 to 60 who are online, only about 4 million pay to search for their mates online, so plenty of potential growth is out there, he maintains.Following my birth, I was given over to Holy Family Hospital in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, and adopted by an American family.Lawrence and Hazel Backhouse were from Tanwin, Lark Hill Estate, Ripon in the County of Yorkshire, England.Stewart Alsop, investor and analyst with Alsop Louie Partners, a venture capital firm; former editor-in-chief and executive vice president of Info World; columnist for Fortune magazine; internet user since 1994.Al Amersdorfer, president and CEO, Automotive Internet Technologies, a provider of internet marketing solutions for the retail automobile industry; internet user since 1985.