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"I'm 22, I'm going on dates, but I change my style every two weeks, let alone who I'm with," she admitted in 's October issue. But I'm not in a relationship."Cyrus and Maxwell, 24, met through their mutual friend Cheyne Thomas.

In July, the two were photographed sharing a passionate kiss in a Los Angeles parking lot.

One of the reasons they got back together is totally adorable!

Miley and Liam insiders have told TMZ that the former couple, who broke off their engagement in 2013, “have been back in each other’s lives since fall.” There’s a good chance that the couple is officially getting back together after flirting and being in “constant communication” for months; they’ve kept up a steady stream of texts and hot Face Time sessions, despite their breakup so long ago. Things are starting to get serious, too — and seriously adorable. A love of pups is definitely enough to spark love between exes, don’t you think?

where she spoke candidly about rekindling their love after splitting. “And changing with someone else not changing like that is too hard.

Miley said she would tell her younger self: "I think ...

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The "Wrecking Ball" singer isn't willing to define her relationship with the model, nor is she willing to define her gender identity."Of course it was hard," he told star added, "We were both super young and it was a good decision at the time — we both needed that." RELATED: Find Out Which Celeb Couple is Back Together After Divorcing!As for fans who aren't too keen about the reconciliation, Liam doesn't pay them any attention.Liam and Miley's timing was just off the first time they were engaged, many things played into them calling it off," an insider told the website."They both needed to grow up and figure themselves out more."Liam's family always liked Miley but they supported Liam's decision at the time.They did feel that both of them were too young."The source added, "They are in love and it's a different time now for them."Back in 2015, when the pair had broken up, Liam opened up about his five year relationship with Miley saying his feelings for her will never change.