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Three months when you are waiting for someone you just poured your heart out to and they just take off – she in certain respects is totally justified.

But as far as Sam’s concerned, I don’t think he would have poured his heart out to her if he didn’t think he had a shot.

The way I navigate scenes is through what I perceive to be the emotional truth of the character, what he wants from moment to moment.So I think probably Marlo was duck tailing with those feelings…so [Marlo and I] were together for three months and that is where the story picks up.Ben Bass: I want to find variations of choices, so I think in terms of what we’ve done.Sa mère s’installe avec un agent lorsqu’elle a 13 ans, ce qui lui permet d’apparaître dans des publicités locales de Détroit aussi bien à la télévision que dans des journaux.Elle commence alors à prendre des cours de comédie avant de prêter ses traits à Sally Wister dans The History Channel’s Choosing Sides: Young Voices on the Revolution dans une pièce de théâtre au Hall Visitors Center de Philadelphie.