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Margaret Thatcher has highly praised him and his work. Novak is the author or editor of more than fifty books from 1961 until the present, including two novels and one book of verse.His books have been translated into every major Western language, as well as Bengali, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.The game ended with Georgia’s victory 28-14, which makes it the 4th win in a row for the Lelos.Men's world number one Djokovic and Sharapova, third-ranked in the women's game, have a playful relationship, highlighted by Djokovic mimicking the Russian during the pre-Wimbledon Boodles exhibition event.'I'd be up for it, why not? Although no evidence of the romance ever circulated.But Djokovic says in both cases that he was just friends with these beatiful women, leading one to believe his true love is indeed Jelena.

He became the first man to win three consecutive Australian Open titles in 46 years!

They met in the small town where they grew up and have been smitten since.

However, they prefer to keep their relationship largely out of the spotlight. Read Full Story Jelena Ristic is screaming in the stands today at the US Open watching her man Novak Djokovic take on Rafael Nadal in the finals.

Playful Serb Novak Djokovic has been dating the very beautiful Jelena Ristic on and off for the last four years.

Nowadays, Ristic is a customary part of the Djokovic entourage box.