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And, so, as reported on Gizmodo, this gives the Go Pro Hero the chance to broadcast live, his, or yeah, her, surf. “You connect your camera to your phone via the Go Pro app, as usual.

Then you fire up the Periscope app, hit the start broadcast button, and it recognises the connection to your camera.

You're not gonna learn that sort of marketing ingenuity at home or at school.

If you're wondering what percentage of your recommended daily saturated fat content is contained in just four Girl Scout cookies, here you go: 's Cookie Monster! So if you eat two boxes worth of Peanut Butter Patties and feel like a fat shit, well, it's your own damn fault.

*** I don't like to back out of my agreements, but I'll admit that when Bill shows up at my house on Saturday night, it takes me two very tall glasses of boxed Chablis to stick to this one.

I'm not a terribly accomplished drinker, so by the time he's booted up the laptop, downloaded some recording software and signed on, I am no longer giggling nervously, I'm giggling like a half-drunken coed.

Video will come through the Go Pro at 720p30, and yes, you’ll be able to save your video locally to the camera’s micro SD card as you broadcast.

At launch it will only be working with the Hero4 Black or Silver cameras and only on the i Phone 5s, 6, and 6 running i OS 8.2 or higher.” How’s it work for surf? Conversely, could there be anything more atrocious than watching, live, your pals, heads furrowed with wrinkles, arms stretched out, in deep squats on their boards, surfing like tortoises?

Fortunately, my friend Bill — my always sensitive and caring friend — can't help saying, "So, what is wrong with you tonight? I could see how adults can have fun with it though chatting with random strangers and messin' with them Originally Posted by Kiz I'd do it if I was paid for it.I had a job similar to this, chatting to random strangers, but they paid me well to put up with it. Friends will come over to watch movies, and we'll end up drunk on chat roulette for hours instead. I actually prefer Omegle because the cam images are bigger.I did it for about 2 and a half years, it was kind of fun in some ways but no way would I do it for free.

Only girls chatroulette no credit card