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The majority of the dead were females who had recently given birth, leaving them weak and unable to feed their fawns, which also died.Sony SRS-XB40 has a built-in multi-coloured line light, speaker lights and a flashing strobe.Green campaigner Musagali Duambekov told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty the deaths could be down to chemicals released by rockets flying overhead, though he also suggested the widespread use of fertilisers in the area could have damaged the saiga's immune systems.Meanwhile, Eleanor Milner-Gulland, chair of the Saiga Conservation Alliance, said the antelope may have eaten too much vegetation tainted by bacteria during the breeding season.Nayer Regalado better known by the mononym Nayer (sometimes stylized as NAYER! She is known as being a featured artist along with Ne-Yo for Pitbull's 2011 hit single "Give Me Everything", produced by Afrojack.She is also known for her hit single in 2012 titled "Suave (Kiss Me)" featuring Pitbull and Swedish-Congolese singer-songwriter Mohombi.

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She has participated in a major talent competition named "Star Search" and she has also appeared in television show Sábado Gigante, and in a show called La piñata loca (broadcast through Univision).

A third firing, again with good ventilation, re-reddened the clay of the pot whilst the painted areas, now protected by a thin wash, kept their original colouring.

Amar Toor from Aol Radio Blog said that the song is "a pulsating rhythm and electrified beats, the track seems like it's tailor-made for South Beach's hottest dance floors.

Recorded by Nayer at the age of 16, produced and remixed by DJ Fluid in both English and Spanish, "First Kiss (Primer Beso)" is a dance song, and climbed dance music charts soon after its release in June 2002 hitting the Billboard Top 40 Dance Charts.

However, due to business reasons, Nayer’s debut album was never released.