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We have a full slate of activities going as always. Check out the Monthly Gathering, the Poly Lounge or start off at our small group (4 people, plus a host) Coffee Amory.

Solo Poly Peeps/Relationship Anarchists– In Janurary, Poly Columbus will be hosting a meet up with a discussion just for you. Details on the calendar, in the Facebook Group and on meet up. The 2017 Monthly Gathering Topics are as follows: This is a common question and was part of the Monthly Gathering Discussion Topic for February.

When these guidelines were created, we only had the Monthly Gathering and maybe a random summer picnic. Saturday night we had a dance with over 80 people in attendance.

So here is how you meet people at Poly Columbus Events. Go to one of the two after the Monthly Gathering Socials.

Yes, they are times that flirting can and does occur.

The Monthly Gathering and educational events are designed to support and educate all our community members.

As we have grown, we have gotten a bit lax about covering our Monthly Gathering rules.

You can't just throw a bunch of elements together and call it chemist We like to do all kinds of things. However we are couple (male/female) looking for a female for a long term relationship.

As one of the oldest poly dating sites online, we're always looking to provide a better experience for the polyamory community.

We're now better than ever, and with polyamory coming out of the closet, it's easier than ever to find your newest partner.

For information on the change to the new format, and a special offer we may have for you, please click here.

We do our best to provide a safe, and friendly environment.