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When setting a Date Time value in After Properties you have to convert the the Date Time to an ISO8601 string format.

An advantage of using Item Updating to set field values is that the values will be visible to the user after they submit their changes in a non-datasheet view.

In Share Point 2013, extracting metadata of Microsoft Office documents is fairly straightforward.

But the metadata of a PDF file is not extracted automatically.

I tried Item Updated, which will update the values, but it's not going to work for my solution. Sample: Public Overrides Sub Item Updating(properties as SPItem Event Properties) My Base. It is not your case in the code you show, you should be able to directly edit properties.

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Even when hard-coding the values, the code runs successfully but the values aren't saved. Allow Unsafe Updates = True current Item("Prior Price") = 5.25 current Item. Web, and do not dispose of it (do not put inside a block). Allow Unsafe Updates unless you are specifically trying to update an item inside a GET request. Allow Unsafe Updates lightly as it exists to protect against vulnerabilities.

Event recievers are common in Sharepoint development so its better to understand the data available in each events.

Sometimes as a developer we jump into coding before thinking about contextual data availability.

A user has a list that has a couple fields that are often updated.

He wants to store the prior values in some other fields on the item when the item is updated (yes, I know versioning would be easier, but I'm at his mercy here).