Robert pattinson dating camille belle

And why wasn’t Tom at the premiere with Camilla last night?

Robert and Camilla (both 22) lunched together at Three Square Bakery on Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

As mentioned before, the little one, if I had to pick, is my favourite. Full Story Robert Pattinson returned home to London today in advance of the UK premiere of Twilight. Full Story Those Jonas Brothers were on Good Morning America today donating their coats and a K cheque.

I can hear my friends groaning already – of course he is, they’d say. How much you want to bet Sienna Miller will be all over this in a matter of days?

"The other I only caught a quick glance of - it could have been Emilie de Ravin but I can't swear to it. Whoever the second girl was, she and Camilla were reportedly enjoying themselves, fawning over R-Pattz in his black jeans and black jacket.

I never do anything."Rob has been spotted with actress Camilla Bell, who is currently linked to Joe Jonas (of The Jonas Brothers).

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"Rob walked out with the two of them and he was running his fingers through his hair and he had his head down," a source told . How she felt about sharing him with the other woman I'm not sure of," the witness said.

No word on how involved Camilla Belle, rumored girlfriend of Joe Jonas, is with Robert Pattinson, if at all. This is not the first time these cuties have been linked.