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You child may be watching a perfectly “safe for kids” video on You Tube but she may still accidentally stumble upon videos that aren’t suitable for her.

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'Even if it feels nice to sleep naked in a hotel room, I wouldn't recommend it for a simple reason that there might be an emergency which would require you to go out of your hotel rooms in an instant,' she commented.'Now in a hotel room, the bathroom door is right next to the door to the hallway.

The big problem with You Tube, or any other video sharing site on the Internet, is that that all videos may not be appropriate for children.

If you come across content that violates these guidelines, please let us know by clicking the ’report abuse’ button you’ll find next to every project.

A simple search reveals that You Tube currently has more than 65,000 “Mickey Mouse” videos and over 56,000 “Tom and Jerry” cartoons.

Wannabe-travellers have been quizzing global jet-setters online in an attempt to find out the answer to a mystifying question – whether it is really safe to sleep naked in a hotel room.

Some of the travel 'experts' talked of hygiene, addressing fears over bed bugs, flying insects, fleas or simply "other people's stuff".