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Her scorned ex CJ Meeks appeared to have made a dig at her recently, when he posted on Instagram: 'I like my pornstar martini how I like my women ......Thick and orange.'And Bianca Gascoigne couldn't care less as she made an incredibly glamorous display while heading to STK restaurant in London on Thursday night. As an insult comic and drag queen, Bianca (real name Roy Haylock) rose to prominence after winning Ru Paul’s Drag Race, and soon after her insanely sharp wit was lauded by The New York Times, Joan Rivers, and, well, us. Somebody died.” But then you could also sit back and say, “Oh, thank God! You could be at home having sex with a guy and then you fart and you’re going “Oh my God, I’m so sorry!

The eye-catching number sported a saucy halterneck design and perilously plunged down the middle to flaunt her ample cleavage.

Since Bianca Del Rio appeared on Ru Paul's Drag Race she has taken her acerbic comedy around the world.

Kashmira Gander chats with her as the formidable queen transforms her. The video above contains strong language.) I'm in a hotel room in London's underbelly of Soho.

And in that spirit, the interview below is edited only for length, not vulgar verbiage. The more talented they are, the kinder they are as people. If you watch those videos of people getting rid of blackheads, it’s like tumors coming out of their backs.

So reader, be mindful if you’re one who goes weak at obscenities or heaps of willfully offensive analogies. Rachel: Can you explain what a “rolodex of hate” is and how the concept originated? They’re not appropriate, they’re not good for certain weather, and you know they smell. And you can either laugh it, you can be shocked by it, you could walk away from it going, “You know what? But I’m glad he’s gotten through it.” There are other things that are more important. What I’m saying is I’m a firm believer in, “You really don’t know.” I’m willing to take risks to an extent — unless my gut says no, which usually just means I shouldn’t have had jalapeños and nachos. And it’s a serious topic but it’s done in a comedic way, which is the only way that I would do it because I didn’t want it to be too preachy and too LGBT.