Singer mario dating

In September, Radar revealed she was dating New York business mogul Thomas D’Agostino Jr.

Mario is still based in New York, while Dexter, a 32-year old fitness instructor, jetted off near West Palm Beach after their affair was revealed.It was her first time encountering the reality of her husband's affair in such a visceral way, and she allegedly wound up calling the police in the midst of a meltdown.She wrote it almost destroyed her: 'The stress of everything became unmanageable, and it began to wreak havoc on my mind, body and spirit.According to court records, Ramona, 59, and Mario finally settled after two compliance conferences, the last of which took place on September 8.Though the dirty details of the case remain sealed, Radar has reported that Mario, 62, the owner of a struggling trophy-making business, was gunning for successful entrepreneur Ramona’s assets.