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An integral part of maintaing a Euro-harem is facebook and skype. Playfully reassert the frame that she’s a force of chaos. She needs a reward for this sexually exciting behviour.

Such a wonderful technology for building rapport, attraction and keeping yourself entertained over long distances. She wants you to be turned on at the thought of fucking her.

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You want to be getting that right before moving on to the in-out part of the sex. I want to pull her in with something that has immediate buy-in while also covertly emphasising that I’m making this up as I go along and thus its showing my spontaneous creativity. You are feeding her imagination, in this case the archetypal road trip. Men are visual but women want to know the touch and smell. She’s a silly little girl who would soon send the world spiralling into chaos without your firm hand to keep things in order. It suits her temperament and switches things up from the usual where I dominate everything. More colour to feed her imagination, more fleshing out of the uninhibited bad girl character I’m setting her up as. You tell her to be hot, excited, sexy, hungry, desperate or whatever.

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[ ] Microsoft Lync 2013 is far from being the sexiest product out there.

When you first open Lync, you even might feel like you’ve stepped back in time and logged in to your old Microsoft Live Messenger (or what we used to call MSN).