Speed dating tactics

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If you don't have time during the day, consider inviting your best prospects to an after-hours event to continue the discussion.

At the tradeshow, don't think you have to "sell" to every person who comes to your booth.

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What I would try is Tyler's 5 question routine because it would be similar to what other people were saying but then go off tangent.

I'm in a bar, armed with a glass of wine and a Biro.

On my chest is a bright pink sticker, emblazoned with the words "I need a room".

Examples of perseverance: *I signed up for new activities – to enrich my life, not just to meet men *After a period of not sending the first email, I decided to be the initiator again. Personal mantra: *I continue to blog about dating, an emotional challenge when I’m not meeting anyone (send hugs, please) So now, at this very moment (because all can change in an instant), I am corresponding with two men I e-mailed first: Mr. Sometimes it’s hard to know if a guy is still in the picture or just takes his sweet time responding. They have been an item for several years now and seem very happy.

P, who presents a geographic challenge, but suggested meeting halfway between our houses for lunch and Mr. who I contacted on the basis of our similar tastes in music. The hope quotient for this example increased because the individuals are “older” and the woman made the first move.