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The lovers are renting a villa in Beverly Hills, Tai Po as their love nest.Eager to Make More Money Since Stephy decided to develop her career in the mainland market, the couple has been maintaining a long distance relationship.As of yesterday, the Southern Metropolis Daily reporter tried to verify the marriage rumors with Stephy and Alex, but the pair did not respond to media inquiries. The tabloid claimed that due to her declining popularity, 27-year-old Stephy is now ready for marriage.Source: Jayne: published a shortened version of Stephy and Alex’s marriage rumors. I do believe that Stephy is living with Alex, but don’t think the couple will get married this year. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.Some songs on her first album, Coloring Stephy, had a more mature and soft jazz influence than her previous music in Cookies. One was a deluxe edition which contains a DVD featuring her music videos from this album. She also did a Mandarin version of "Breaking Free" from High School Musical with Anson Hu.Alex Fong (方力申) recently met his old love, Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣) on an event last Thursday (Dec 08), but declined to share details about it.It was released in conjunction with Valentine's Day in order to match the theme of the album.

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She sang with Alex Fong in 「好心好報」, 「好好戀愛」, 「十分.愛(合唱版)」 (which won a Jade Solid Gold Award for the best duet in 2006), 「我的最愛」, 「重愛」,「七年」,「同屋主」and 「危城」.

He likes seeing people happy, so I would be happy if he gave me the thank you card and Paco would be happy if he bought the album.

In order to fulfill Stephy Tang’s (鄧麗欣) dream of getting married before she turns 30, Alex Fong (方力申) and she got married secretly in Okinawa.

Last week, reporters spotted Stephy, Alex, and Alex’s father, Mr. Alex refused to speak to the press, while Stephy explained the reason for her presence at the W Hotel.

Stephy noted that on that day, a well-known Chinese contemporary artist was present to introduce a new series of creative projects.