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I'm comparing my depiction of females to how I would play a male character, and I'm not seeing any difference, besides the bad falsetto.Women do make different choices and have a different way of arriving at a conclusion than men, but I'm not very good at mimicking that.This is a good lesson to keep in mind when trying to fairly portray women in a roleplaying game, too.Unless you're playing a costume drama where words like "chattel" belong, your character will not be defined by her relations to men, and she has many ways to be a woman that don't have to do with flirting or being hit on.How can I improve this ability, and how different should I really make female characters than male? On Going Beyond Stereotype One of the ways the authenticity of female characters in movies are judged is called the Bechdel test.Essentially, if a movie has only one female character, or if it has more than one but they only talk to each other about men, it fails the test.

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And for some Smitten readers, that something is the hooking up that goes on between the sheets.

If you've ever felt shy or even self-conscious in the bedroom, this post is for you. Ava Cadell, a sex therapist and founder of Loveology University (a site dedicated to sexual education) to chat about those bashful bedroom feelings and how to deal with them.

I rarely play characters of the opposite sex, and I find that I'm not very good at it, at least in my own estimation.

This is hampering when I GM because it limits my range, and makes things hard when I do role-play a female.