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Earlier in the week a study revealed that my hometown, Middlesbrough, is the worst place for a girl to grow up in the UK. But that doesn’t make it the hellscape it’s been portrayed as.The result was decided by five factors; child poverty, life expectancy, teenage pregnancy, GCSE results and numbers Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET). In fact, the experience of being in the paper, ostensibly talking about how bad the place is, has just given me the experience to clear up a few misconceptions of Middlesbrough and what it’s been like to grow up here. Although I can recall one occasion where it’s happened to me in the past month, overall I don’t feel threatened or harassed as I walk around the town centre.Of course, the site isn't genuine - it's all part of an elaborate phishing attack, designed to get users to hand over information which could be used by cybercriminals.Many security-savvy people wouldn't be taken in by such a scheme, but the scammers have taken some measures to appear as real as possible, by using the recipient's real name in the text message and making their name appear in targets' phones as 'Apple Inc'.The Geordie Shore newcomer, 19, put her enviable figure on display in a pair of high-waisted ripped jeans and teamed them with an off-the-shoulder crop top that teased a glimpse at her taut stomach underneath.

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I liked the formation, but it wasn't very effective since they didn't have much time to apply it perfectly.

By carefully reading suspicious emails or texts and thinking critically about the message's claims, it should be easy to avoid such scams.

It also pays to look closely at the address bar of a website - if it's a genuine Apple site, 'Apple Inc', sometimes alongside a padlock, will appear in green on one side, depending on which browser you use.

Through my school I even attended Women in Engineering conference held at the Riverside Stadium aiming to encourage more women into the male-dominated profession.

Although ultimately I decided Engineering was not for me, plenty of my friends have chosen to pursue engineering either at university or through an apprenticeship.

Text to fuck in middlesbrough