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It caused way more stress and anxiety with Kristen and myself.

We knew we could do the challenges and make it to the matt.

For the dating couple, counseling can help give you confidence in the next step of engagement before investing large amounts of time and money when wedding planning begins.

Great for those wrestling with, “is this the right person for me?

Adapted from a novel by Colm Tóibín, "Brooklyn" is about no more than a young woman's move from Ireland to New York City, and her adjustments.

Facing these major life decisions can be overwhelming, and it is not uncommon for teenagers or college-aged guys to respond to the fear and pressure with what appears to be a lack of motivation or initiative, engaging in distractions, or even self-destructive behaviors.

” For the engaged couple, counseling can give you the tools and plans towards building a solid marriage foundation, saving and preparing you from dealing with the hardships that can occur in your marital future.

There was a time when people of a certain age went to the movies to feel something.

"Brooklyn" has its tough edges, just as does its heroine, Eilis Lacey.

Most of all it is a showcase for its star, Saoirse Ronan, who matures before our very eyes in a way that will bring out the protective nature of any male member of the audience while inspiring the admiration of the female ones.