Updating firmware for dell equallogic ps series storage arrays

PS Series Firmware, select the hyperlink for the version of firmware that you wish to download.

Patches appear within the associated firmware page.

Information in this document is subject to change without notice. After updating any SAN component, test it to make sure it is functioning properly. Click the version number to the right of Download Page. Navigate to the translated documents link in the documentation section. Click the desired language under Downloadable Online Help for Group Manager.

All trademarks and registered trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. Planning and Prerequisites Before performing a firmware update: You must understand the impact of the update on the infrastructure and plan the update process carefully to avoid unplanned downtime.

Published: October 2013 Part Number: EN-R1 Table of Contents Preface Customer Support Site Access Benefits Creating an Account 1 Overview 1 Release Type Definitions 1 PS Series Array and FS Series Appliance Compatibility 2 Equal Logic Host Software 2 2 PS Series Array Planning and Prerequisites 3 Planning and Prerequisites 3 Installing and Using Localized Versions of the GUI 4 Language File Considerations 5 Available Languages 5 Overview of Language Installation and Use 5 Installing Language Files Using the GUI 6 Installing the Language Files Using the CLI 6 Specifying Language Kits 8 Changing to English GUI 12 Using Localized Online Help 12 3 Major Changes Bit and 64-Bit Upgrade Files 15 Dell Array Retirement 15 Controller Types 1, 2, and 3 16 Controller Types 4, 5, and Preparing the Array Known Limitations and Recommendations 17 Minimizing Host Disruption 17 Supported Upgrade Paths 17 General Rules 18 Known Limitations and Recommendations 19 Pause Collection Replications Before Updating Firmware 19 GUI Firmware Update Does Not Work in an Environment Running IPv6 Only 19 Use the CLI to Update Firmware in a Single Controller Environment 19 Updating Firmware Not Allowed from GUI when FTP Is Disabled 19 Working With Multimember Groups 19 Adding a New Array to an Existing Group 19 Updating Across Multiple Releases 19 Important Information About Dell Equal Logic Firmware Upgrades and Microsoft Windows Clusters 19 Microsoft Windows 2003 Server Cluster 20 Microsoft Windows 2008/2008-R2/2012 Server Cluster 20 Recommendations 20 Windows Windows Server PS Series Array Firmware Update Procedure 21 Downloading the Firmware Update Kit 21 Identifying the Controller Type in the Group Manager GUI 21 Updating the Firmware Using the GUI 22 Updating the PS Series Firmware Using the CLI 25 6 FS Series Appliances Planning and Prerequisites 27 Supported Upgrade Paths 27 7 NAS Controller Update Procedure 29 Before You Begin: Determining the NAS Cluster Management IP Address 29 v v vi iii Updating Firmware Table of Contents Updating NAS Controllers Prior to Version Updating NAS Controllers After Version Appendix A: PS Series Array CLI Output Examples 33 Output Displayed When Firmware Is Copied to an Array Using FTP 33 Output Displayed When Firmware Is Copied to an Array Using SCP 33 Output Displayed When Update Command iis Entered 34 Output Displayed When Firmware Version Is Confirmed 34 Appendix B: FS Series Appliance CLI Output Examples 37 Output Displayed When Firmware Is Copied to an Appliance Using FTP 37 Output From the Upgrade Process 38 Output Displayed When The Service-Pack Start Command Is Entered 39 iv Updating Firmware Preface The latest Equal Logic PS Series array and FS Series appliance firmware with new features, functionality and bug fixes The newest releases of Equal Logic host software for Microsoft, VMware and Linux environments The latest Equal Logic management tools Ability to log and manage support cases Important technical alerts, technical notifications and the Customer Connection Newsletter Ability to register for webcasts and listen to archived webcasts Technical reports on a wide variety of topics Creating an Account To create an account: 1. Visit the Dell Recommended firmware versions page at com for the latest release recommendations. 12 Updating Firmware for PS and FS Series PS Series Array Planning and Prerequisites 4. 13 Updating Firmware for PS and FS Series Preparing the Array Known Limitations and Recommendations Known Limitations and Recommendations Pause Collection Replications Before Updating Firmware When planning an update, identify a time period when replication is not occurring. Do not update a PS Series group member while collection replication outbound from the group is in progress; otherwise, the collection replication operation might fail or appear to hang.

The Dell Equal Logic PS Series Combo Training course combines the Dell Equal Logic PS Series Advanced Management & Data Protection Tools course with the Integrating v Sphere with Dell Equal Logic PS Series Storage course into five days of training. vi 2 PS Series Array Planning and Prerequisites The following section contains information about PS Series storage array planning and prerequisites. Account activation might take longer than one day if any required information is missing, inaccurate, or unverifiable.Dell Equal Logic PS6100 Array Series The Dell Equal Logic PS6100 Series provides exceptional I/O performance, maximum capacity, optimised scalability and management flexibility to large enterprise deployments with multiple physical and/or virtual servers.If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.